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Enterprise, Inc.

Our Mission - To Educate, Motivate and Graduate Our Youth...With OPTIONS.

Our Goal - To Teach Parents and Guardians How to Use School Resources, Services and Tools to Become a Vital Stakeholder in Their Child's K-12 Education Career.

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"The E.M.G. Parent Training personnel taught me how to listen, and speak to my son regarding personal problems, and goals about family, school, his future.  The personnel's lessons are invaluable to me because I have indeed benefitted from their lessons, as has my son." - Nelson


Successful Navigation Through the Public School Process ~ 2-Hour Session Teaches How to:

  • Advocate for Your Child

  • Utilize School and Community Resources Perform Successful I-Messages

  • Understand Legal School Documents

  • Use a 10-Point Communication Strategy

  • Develop an ISP (Individual Success Plan)

  • Create Successful Parent / Teacher Partnerships

Helping Parents Find Alternate Solutions to Their Child's Behavioral Issues ~ 10-Week Session Teaches How to:
  • Reduce Truancies
  • Improve Grades
  • Effectively Communicate with Your Child
  • Increase Graduation Probability
  • Utilize Community Gang Prevention Services
  • Building a Positive Home Environment
  • Create a Behavior and Discipline Plan
10-Point Strategy to College Athletic Scholarships
2-Hour Session Teaches:
  • Understanding A-G Requirements
  • SAT/ACT Scores vs Core GPA
  • AP vs College Courses
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Requirements
  • Marketing Your Child's Athletic Abilities
  • Choosing the Right College
  • The Upside-Down Student-Athlete Pyramid

"Today is graduation and I have grown in all areas of communicating with my child as well as learning the many different changes I need to make to be a better mother" - Ramona



"The ladies from E.M.G. Enterprise Program, what can I say, words cannot explain how grateful I am. 

They are exceptional!  They teach you, they listen to you, and they cry with you, they comfort you.   

I could not ask for a better program!" - Natalia


E.M.G. Enterprise (E.M.G.) is a nonprofit 501 [c][3] organization established in 2004 for the sole purpose of sharing the knowledge and experience that each parent trainer gained while being directly involved with their child's elementary, middle and high school (K-12) public education careers.  

E.M.G. is managed by three parent trainers  Karimu McNeal, Charisse Browner and Beverly Matthews. Collectively, the parent trainers have successfully helped their children gain acceptance to more than 60 major colleges and universities, receive over $300,000 in free scholarship funding, and helped each child become gainfully employed every summer during and after their child’s high school career.

E.M.G. currently provides services to various Los Angeles public schools, the Los Angeles Southwest Police Department Jeopardy Program and The College Expo.

Who We Are


"Although we came to the program for my son, I as a parent attending the parenting classes Have developed skills in effective communication.  The expectation is full participation from the parent.  This concept is working.  We are able to express our concerns and learn good parenting skills.  We are all working together for a positive outcome."  Lynn

Beverly Matthews brings the patience of Job.  Beverly shares and integrates her knowledge of emotional intelligence - how we react to what we perceive dictates the outcome, self-esteem, communication, anger management and utilizing the “I-messages” system.  

Beverly uses her graduate studies in  psychology and background in human relations, conflict resolution and whole-life experience to help parents tap into their child's emotional intelligence.  

Beverly will share techniques and tips that are proven to help you become a more successful parent.

Karimu McNeal teaches Parent/Teacher/Child "Pyramid Partnerships," working with all stakeholdres on the school campus, conducting successful conferences and developing on-going communication with school stakeholders.  

Learn the objective and purpose of “Pyramid Partnerships" by utilizing proven guidelines and tips on what to do before, during and after the parent/teacher/child conference.

Karimu provides instruction on how to communicate with positivity and key questions to ask during conferences, providing follow-up techniques and how to design a “partnership action plan” with your child's teachers.  

Charisse Browner utilizes her paralegal skills to help parents understand all legal documents pertaining to their child's grades and attendance.  

Charisse covers issues from the A-G requirements to the Cumulative Record to understanding GPA requirements for graduation and/or college entrance. Charisse offers a comprehensive and detailed session of these very important education areas.  

Charisse is also adept in athletic scholarships. From fulfilling NCAA requirements to learning how to get free college tuition through your child’'s athletic abilities to marketing your child to colleges.



E.M.G. Enterprise, Inc.


EMG Enterprise

P.O. Box 561338

Los Angeles, CA 90056​



Tel:  323.424.0423 / 323.774.4744 / 213.595.2614



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