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PARENT WORKSHOP & Training Seminars

E.M.G. Enterprise’s parent training seminars are geared towards helping select inner-city, low performing public schools in the Los Angeles (and County) area.  From elementary to high schools, our goal is to target the school’s that are listed as “P4” schools.  A “P4” school is in danger of being taken over by the state due to various reasons, including but not limited to poor attendance and low test scores.  Studies have found that schools with high parent participation have higher scores in these areas. Research also indicates that when a parent is more involved with their child’s education and when utilizing services available to them, their child succeeds, graduates on time and has options upon graduation.

E.M.G. conducts 2-hour and 5-hour workshops where trainers will teach each participant how to navigate through the school system, utilize the services that are readily available and how to motivate their child to stay focused on their educational goals.  Each workshop covers the following areas:  


  • Conflict resolution and 10 steps to a happy home;

  • Problem Solving with your child;

  • How to understand and read and your child’s cumulative and other legal records;

  • How to maximize a parent/teacher conference when time is limited;

  • How to utilize the services offered in the Title 1 office, the College Career Center and the Counseling office;

  • How to get your child accepted into college or gainfully employed;

  • How to get your child to college on an athletic scholarship;

  • How to help your child handle peer pressure and provide intervention for gang, drug and violence issues.

At the conclusion of the series of workshops, participants are presented with a workbook in addition to being presented with "Empowerment Tool" action items to help their child succeed. 

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